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- - - System Status - - -


As at:- 1:26:53 pm Thursday 21st March 2019

Current System Status

Mail Server SSL Warnings for Apple Users

10:35 21/03/2019

As of yesterday, those who use a mail client on their Apple devices to connect to our shared mail services may be encountering an error regarding an SSL certificate mismatch.

This has been caused by the renewal of the SSL certificate that covers our servers' hostnames. The warning will display when your mail client connects using an aliased hostname (e.g.

If your mail client doesn't let you 'Ignore' or 'Add an Exception' for the certificate warning, then you should change your settings to turn off 'Use SSL', or change the server address to use the actual hostname.

Planned System Maintenance

There is currently no planned maintenance.

Your Settings :-
IP address
Full Host
CCBot/2.0 (
Current Server :-
IP address

Problem ?

If you are checking this page because of suspect connection or performance issues:-

The download speed you get primarily indicates the bandwidth provided and line quality, but to varying degrees also depends on the load on the server, traffic on trunk connections, the performance of routers along the way, and your computers handling of the data it recieves. 
That is, if you have a lot of processes running in the background and/or your anti-virus or 'total Internet security' package is taking it's time inspecting everything that moves, you may be wrongly suspicious that you service provider is sharing the connection with too many other customers.

If the port checker can't 'see you', nor will the service that you're trying to use.
If any particular application is failing to connect or transfer data it could be that the port/s it uses are blocked or your router is sending the packets elsewhere. The '' facility lists ports used by common applications and your application should show which ones it's working with.

Most Hub/Routers include 'Universal Plug n Play' support.
The UPnP Router Port Mapping utility makes it extremely quick and easy to tell your kit to pass packets using the port number you specify through to the current system. You'll still need to tell your Firewall as well.
(Thanks are due to Brooks Younce - both for writing it and making it free).

realVNC (Virtual Network Connection) is one of the best remote control / assistance utilities on the web.  There's a free version for private use - and our tech-support may ask you to get it.  

Ping, Trace & NSLookup
facilities are provided in your control panel under 'Website Diagnostics'.

You can also run Ping, Trace & NSLookup from your own system. For example, using say the MS-Dos command line utilty on a Windows machine...
 (Click [Start], then select run, & type in 'cmd' (or 'command' on systems), and pressing [Return], or clicking [ok] - to lauch a 'Dos Window')
- You can type 'ping', or 'ping' at your command line to check connectivity.

'tracert' or 'tracert' gives information on the route your request takes along with the Router names and the response times.

The Ping & Trace facilities in your Control Panel do the same - BUT from the other end - your server - back to you (or wherever else), which should help you to identify possible problems.

You may well be asked to do this, and send the results to the technical support team, if you report access problems.

If you have more than one site, trying the same from the alternative areas can help identify if there's a problem with a specific ip address.

Performance ?

If you would like more information on connection performance, and statistics...

Try out -

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