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Web Hosting
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  eCommerce enabled
  Easy Site Control Panel
  Free Website Builder
  Free Web Tools
  Programming Languages   
  and Databases included
  Site Management Tools
  Comprehensive Statistics
  POP email
  Virus Protection &
  Anti-Spam Filters

  Latest Technology
  UK Data Centre

  Free Internet Access


* * *  Silver Web Hosting Package  * * *

* 300Mb Disk Space
* 3Gb Traffic
* 100 Sub Domains
* 100 FTP Clients
* 100 Email Boxes
* 100 Auto Responders
* 100 eDistribution Lists 
Buy The Silver Web Hosting Package Now
Start some Serious Web trading... Today - Now *
     Not Just eCommerce enabled ! - But
         Fully Capable of Sales & Taking
               Payments - Worldwide !

                 Run Numerous Departments 
                 Or Specialist Auction Sites
                 Maybe an on-line magazine - or two
                 And Membership Forums et al + + + +
        * * * * * All within this one package deal ! * * * * *

The Silver Hosting Pack comes with the whole of our VERY EXTENSIVE suite of Development, Management & Marketing tools.  These include an Easy - Graphical Site Control Panel, Databases, Programming Languages, Artwork, Content Management Systems, Shopping Carts, Editing & File Transfer tools, Bulk Email utilities for Responding to your customers & Keeping them informed, Search engine site submission, eZine / Article publishing, (Web)Blogs & RSS news feed weapons to get & keep your marketing flying.  

You don't HAVE to use them all... But you won't be left short.

This deal is aimed at Entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Businesses who want all the tools to do it themselves - and keep the price very low.  They're all here and if you consider yourself to be at all computer literate, you should find most of them surprisingly quick and easy to use - or pass on to your 'techy' - whether it's the IT department or the lad from next door.    

Pricing is flexible.  If you've been searching for an ideal hosting package, you'll know that there are virtually no other fully eCommerce enabled and comprehensive bundles with this amount of space or traffic allowances.  You'll also see that in our Ultra pack we provide UNLIMITED... everything.  How do we do it?
There IS lots of capacity, but when the rush starts pushing the limits we balance the load by increasing the price on new orders.  So, it may cost more if you leave it 'till later, but don't worry if you order now - the Price you buy at will remain frozen for as long as you stay with us.

Right now, the Silver Package is just 25 - for a whole year.

If you haven't the time to check the details right now, why not register your interest & download our brochure to hold the current price for up to 10 days.

[ Download your Brochure ]

And it gets better !
Our Mission is to provide YOUR Enterprise platform for Financial Freedom.  You'll see how this develops if you look at our other packages... But here's the initial incentive:-
As a customer, you automatically benefit from our referral scheme.  Introduce a colleague, friend, neighbour etc. and you'll get 10% commission on their purchase.
That could mean ALL of your cost covered - and a profit - perhaps even before you've gone to market yourself!

Oh, and by the way... That's not a quick once off.  Most customers find they want extra Domain names, on and off-line materials, additional products to sell to support their own brands etc. so, where relevant, you'll get commission on those sales as well for a whole year: Even longer if you remain active and we can both benefit from it.

...There's more !
This commission thing works with all the packs in this range - but the percentages differ.  We intend to keep your interest and enthusiasm going... So, IF you upgrade within three months, we'll re-visit your commissions and pay you the difference up to the higher level.



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