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Comprehensive Statistics Tools


"Do You Include a Hit Counter?"

Er.. And the rest, silly Question.

To be effective - You've GOT TO KNOW - Where the traffic is coming from, What pages are being visited, Which are the most popular, How long are people staying - and at which point they leave.  Did your Search Engine Submission get the spiders crawling?, Are the referals growing and adverts working?, Where are you getting the most profitable business from? 

Of course there are 'Hit Counters', but you'll probably be more interested in 'Page views', 'Unique visitors' and 'Search Keywords' used etc. and the tools to give you the answers are ready to be switched on.

We Start logging all the available data as soon as your hosting package is up, so even if you've been concentrating more on getting it to look right and work smoothly... We've got your numbers from the outset.

You can download the file for offline analysis at any time, or use the Webalizer & Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats) live. 'Install' them from your Site Control Panel under 'Website Reporting'.


Oh, and by the way, 'Logger' is at hand if you'd like to put a Text or Graphical Access & Hits Counter that can be seen by visitors an any or all your pages.



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