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Free Email Host


Don't confuse this with an email box.  It's a free outgoing portal or, if it's easier to conceive - It's a  postroom which will take and deliver your mail if you haven't got your own set up or when it doesn't suit you to use those you have got.

Outgoing mail is the 'SMTP' (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) part of your email set-ups, whilst 'POP' or 'POP3' (Post Office Protocol) is the Incoming part.

Normally, you have to have an active account and configured email addresses set up in advance with one or more service providers in order to post mail out.

The real value of this FREE facility is that it's there - ready to handle your outgoing mail without demanding previous preparation.

We're sure that you already have any number of email accounts running - but there are times when - say, you're local machine is set to send as '', and your existing webmail addreses are in names that you don't want to use... and that's when you need to remember this is available to you.

There are two ways to run this:-

Either set the outgoing mail server as '' OR, if you have a (suitable for your purposes) domain name with us it will work as 'mail.yourdomain-name'.

Note that your email client program must be configured to use SMTP Authentication. Common email clients include a checkbox in the account configuration with the label "This server requires authentication". That box should be ticked. (Otherwise you'll get a '550 Relay Not Permitted' error.)

You might also want to use our Free dial-up access at some time...
Click here for more information.

The facility is NOT intended to enable nefarious deeds like insulting mail from anonymous senders.  It does record senders system details and will trap any attemp of bulk spamming.

Please note that our terms of reasonable use explicity exclude use for any Racist (or otherwise prejudicial), 'Adult' (pornographic), Insulting,  or spam (unsolicited mail) material or purpose.   



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