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Easy Site Control !


Via our Easy to use Graphical Control Panel, you can manage your site with these excellent utilities...

Our File Manager has a great range of features to help you manage your files and folders online.

The Scheduled Tasks feature enables a program to run automatically on the server and can set your program to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Microsoft FrontPage Extensions can be implemented on the Server for your site at any time.  If you have used Microsoft FrontPage to design your website and used any of the Microsoft specific attributes, you will need this facility to provide your visitors with valid results where extended or non-universal functions are included.
In addition, you can use FrontPages ability to directly upload & download your content from where you're editing it - without separately using our File Manager or an FTP package.

Website Password Protection using 'Locked-Area-Lite' allows you to selectively password protect different directories on your website - only the people you authorise have access to relevant or sensitive content.

Edit Website Password Protection allows you to add, remove and update users for an already-password-protected area of your site.

Change Your Password allows you to change your password for FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access, FrontPage (which actually also uses FTP), and SSH (encrypted Secure SHell transfer client) .

Backup Your Website allows you to download your website as a zip file. You can use this feature to make a regular backup of your website in case you lose any data.

Conversely, Restore Your Website allows you to restore a backup zip file that you have made during a 'Backup Your Website' session.

Sub Domains - allow you to have new web addresses for separate areas of your Website. For example you could have and point this at your directory. You can use sub domains in conjunction with additional FTP accounts, effectively creating simple hosting accounts with a sub domain and an additional FTP account
SSH server access allows you to login directly to the server hosting your Website. You can manipulate your website files using Linux commands. This feature is for advanced users.

Additional FTP accounts are most commonly used to give others access to an account for the purpose of sharing a web development project - without giving them control over the entire Website
By restricting their access to specific directories, you can ensure they can only modify files where you've authorised it.

Submit Your Site to 10 search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN!

IP Address Blocking allows you to block certain IP addresses from accessing your website.

Website Directory Auto-Indexing lets you decide whether to allow the content of your web directories to be shown as file listings or display a '403 error' access forbidden page.

Use the Web Space Checker to find out how much web space you have used on your whole account or specific directory within your site.

The Ping, Trace & Nslookup feature allows you to Check connections; View Routing information or Investigate destinations by IP address or hostname.

Raw WHOIS allows you to view the full WHOIS output of a domain name.

HTML Tidy - Speedily Organises, and indeed 'Tidies-Up'  the layout of an HTML page.

Javascripts are great little tools to drop into your website to make it more interactive.  You can use a range of ready-made scripts or start with them and add your own variations to do amazing things - with our Javascript Generator.



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