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Genesis Internet is Beta Testing...

At this time, we have operational sites running for a number of our associate businesses -  and a few others on the understanding that all systems need a proving period - and pricing to reflect this.

Should you wish to join us - and benefit from an ongoing 50% discount for being one of our beta testers, please do so.
At 'the check-out', there is an 'enter your discount code' box.
Until the site is declared ready for general release - the 'code' BetaTest will remain in place.

Welcome to a New World

A place where we trust you'll find a lot of interest.

Genesis Internet is itself new. Created by a group of systems consultants, designers and business people, we've launched this 'Platform' in response to our own need for the best in Internet Hosting with the flexibility, speed and the freedom that allows us to put websites up fast and economically whether they're for short marketing campaigns; long term serious client sites or places to experiment. 

Teamed with other Programmers, Service Providers and Development people - all specialists or leaders in their own fields, we believe this is just the site that we - and those like us - were looking for.

Genesis intentionally has a tilt - towards private enterprise.  Whether you're an individual, partnership or small to medium company, it's our aim to 'level the playing field' so you can compete (on as near equal terms as possible) - with the large corporations, institutions & others with big budgets.  Or simply do your own thing.

We hope that once you've had a look around we'll have answered that WIIFM (What's In It For Me?) Question...
We want our friends, colleagues and customers to succeed, whatever that means for you.

With FREE hosting - so that you can set up and test your ideas, through to UNLIMITED space and traffic for a minimal outlay - so you can expand as far as your imagination and initiative takes you, we're here to help you towards your goals and continued or new financial freedom.



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